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About me

Thank you for visiting my website!

I’m Stevie. It’s short for Stephanie, but those who have met me

know that Stevie suits me better!

I’m located in Lexington Kentucky and travel all across the States

 for horse shows and shoots. I commonly works with

horse owners and trainers on various equine photography

engagements including horse show photos, private barn/farm

shoots as well as family’s for portrait sessions.

A little more about me… I grew up on a horse farm in Connecticut.

From the moment I could sit up I was riding horses. My family and I

made multiple trip to Kentucky each year for horse shows. My

family’s passion for horses brought the enviable move to Kentucky

where my sister opened up a Saddlebred farm in Versailles, KY. I

moved to Kentucky shortly after graduating from Columbia Collage

Chicago with a BA in Advertising, Marketing and Photography. I

love everything about Kentucky. It brings my two passions together

photography and horses! You can find me in the fields with horses,

traveling to horse shows all across the states and Canada, hiking

or at a good coffee shop with friends.

Please don't hesitate to  contact me with any questions. I will be happy to help you any way

that I can!